Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

James Rossant papers, 1950s-1990s

Series II: Professional Papers

Series II includes various promotional brochures and résumés listing and illustrating the work of Rossant's firms, with the majority stemming from the Conklin & Rossant era. Also included are documents relating to Rossant's participation in commissions and professional organizations, and essays and lectures Rossant published or presented in his capacity as an architect, concerning general themes on architecture and urbanism, or surveying the firm's work as a whole. Texts concerning specific projects are generally found in Project Records.

Box 6: Folder 1 Summary documents (Conklin & Rossant Architects) ca. 1980s-1990s

various firm profiles, introductory letters, project lists, and individual resumes dating from James Rossant's years in partnership with William J. Conklin.

Box 6: Folder 2 Summary documents (Conklin & Rossant Architects) 1990s-2000s

Rossant autobiographical narratives, project lists, introductory letters, and various resumes dating from James Rossant's sole partnership and collaborations.

Box 6: Folder 3 Firm summary forms ca. 1993

complete and incomplete paperwork sets describing Conklin Rossant Architects, including project summaries, lists of personnel, C.V.s, etc.

Box 6: Folder 4 Portfolios 1970s-1980s

3 copies of Conklin & Rossant portfolio ca. 1975 (36 pages, various projects, extensively illustrated); bound portfolio ca. 1981 (limited text; illustrations include National Capital Center, Dodoma; Ramaz School; and principally Just Bulbs Store / Superior Lamp Company Offices)

Box 6: Folder 5 Portfolios 1990s

2 general Conklin & Rossant portfolios ca. 1991 (various projects and illustrations); portfolio for submission to Center for Wine, Food and the Arts, Napa, California); one incomplete portfolio ("Representative Work" section, draft, with limited markup)

Box 6: Folder 6 Portfolios ca. 1975

Conklin & Rossant portfolio for submission to Cooper Square, missing unknown number of pages

Box 6: Folder 7 Portfolios undated

pages from unlabeled binder, possibly a missing "Projects 1," including Reston Lake Anne Center, 333 E. 69th Street, Butterfield House, Ramaz Upper School, East Lake Wales, "Clouds Over Radiant City" essay, Alroll Aluminum Plant, Willow Park Center concrete block factories, Harbour Beach Club, New School For Social Research, Painters Industry Welfare Building, Bunkit, Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust, Caryatid, Eagle Chase

Box 6: Folder 8 Portfolios ca. 1990s

pages from binder "Projects 2," including Congregation Sons of Israel, Ramaz Upper School, Üsküdar American Academy Gymnasium, Usdan Center for the Arts, Wilton Developmental Center, Upstate Medical Center Student Activities Building, Reston Lake Anne Center, Island City

Box 6: Folder 9 Portfolios ca. 1980s

pages from unlabeled binder, possibly a missing "Projects 3," including Myriad Gardens, Just Bulbs storefront, National Capital Center (Dodoma), Congregation Sons of Israel, Rossant Townhouse, Ramaz Upper School, Ellis Island International Conference Center

Box 6: Folder 10 Portfolios ca. 1990s

pages from binder "Projects 4," including Myriad Gardens, Island City, National Capital Center (Dodoma), Ellis Island International Conference Center, Casa Fizie, Congregation Sons of Israel, Mason Pavilion

Box 6: Folder 11 Portfolios ca. 2000

pages from binder "Projects 5," including Windemere, Hamlet on Spring Pond, Admiralty, Villas Lucania, Ramaz Upper School, Buddha Green Restaurant, Rossant Townhouse, Ellis Island International Conference Center, Monument East, Myriad Gardens

Box 6: Folder 12 Awards - Summary Documents ca. 1980s

various resumes of firm awards, "awards chronology" documents and summary sheets of quotations from critics; certification of listing in Who's Who In America

Box 6: Folder 13 Awards - Submissions and Correspondence 1975-1992

correspondence and submission materials for various awards

Box 6: Folder 14 Contacts 1/5 undated

contents of "Contacts" binder, inside front pocket and loose sheets, with summary contact sheet and contact lists organized by project (Armonk Office Condominium, Metro North, Kuwaiti contacts, Community Church of the Pelhams, Woodbury Common, 33rd Street Station, Battery Maritime Building, Brooklyn Bridge/Chambers Street Station, Brooklyn Bridge Station, P.S. 150, Panama Canal Area Master Planning, P.S. 51, Huntington Affordable Housing, Villas Lucania [Mamaroneck Village])

Box 6: Folder 15 Contacts 2/5 undated

contents of "Contacts" binder, contact lists largely organized by project (Credit Lyonais Bank, Metro North Association, Market Square / Navy Memorial, Brooklyn Borough Hall, Myriad Gardens, Ellis Island International Conference Center, Jericho Jewish Center, Rifkin-Crowe House, Bloomingdale's, Hineni Heritage Center, Fairfield at St. James, 74 East 79th Street, Eagle Chase)

Box 6: Folder 16 Contacts 3/5 undated

contents of "Contacts" binder, contacts lists largely organized by project (Battery Park City, Brooklyn Borough Hall furniture, Brooklyn Borough Hall park, Queens Jewish Center, United States Embassy to Morocco, Villas Lucania [Mamaroneck Village], Rosehill Manor, Castro Convertibles, Piermont Landing, Cornwall Hotel, Canterbury Brook, Hunter's Point Community Development Corporation, Princeton Gate, Manhattan Beach, Howard Pool, National Capital Center [Dodoma, TZ])

Box 6: Folder 17 Contacts 4/5 undated

contents of "Contacts" binder, contact lists largely organized by project (Armonk Office Condos, Pure Foods, Huntington Affordable Housing, Sobro, Banks & Company, 51st St. [Beekman Center], CUNY / College of Staten Island, Hastings, Adath Israel Synagogue, Walt Whitman Road Office Center, 70 East 10th Street Lobby, Karachi Coastal Zone Planning, Peekskill Housing, East of Central Business District [White Plains, NY], Congregation Sons of Israel)

Box 6: Folder 18 Contacts 5/5 undated

contents of "Contacts" binder, contact lists largely organized by project (Tamiment Development Plan, Üsküdar American Academy Gymnasium, Cunningham Park, GSA Court Houses, Mason Pavilion, NYU School of Social Work, Police Service Area #5, Pittsburgh Apartments, East Dakota [931 First Avenue],Kingsboro Alcohol Treatment Center Control Room, Butterfield House Restoration, Atlantic Terminal)

Box 6: Folder 19 Office and Architectural Correspondence 1976-1999

miscellaneous professional correspondence, responses to publication and financial inquiries, and some exchanges with other architectural and planning figures (Edward "Ed" Logue, Michael Deskey, Khalil Bennani, Philip Johnson [including remarks on Donald Trump], Mack Scogin [including remarks on Scogin & Elam work in Reston])

Box 6: Folder 20 Job Inquiries 1983-1999

correspondence and other documents related to efforts to secure commissions and employment

Box 6: Folder 21 Job Inquiries - Turkish Proposals 1989-1993

contents of "Turkish Proposals" file, primarily correspondence and contact lists with one photocopied site plan across two sheets. Documents largely concern efforts to secure retail, office, and master planning work in Turkey; some refer to an academic visit by James Rossant in April 1992, and to publications of Üsküdar American Academy projects.

Box 6: Folder 22 Commentary and Publications 1972-2001

James Rossant correspondence and press clippings concerning architectural and urban-planning matters; responses to published articles, various venues

Box 6: Folder 23 Commissions and Associations 1980-2002

minutes, correspondence and publication related to James Rossant's organizational affiliations (Arts Commission of the City of New York, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Fine Arts Federation, American Institute of Architects, etc.)

Box 6: Folder 24 Miscellaneous Office Papers undated

directory listings of floppy diskettes, notes on website design, publicity photograph, C.V. of architect/planner Jaime Soldi, professional qualifications of design firm HSMM, sheet with layout notes and sketches (possibly for portfolio or website)

Box 7: Folder 1 Lectures, Essays and Appearances 1969-1980

correspondence, clippings and texts, relating to: appearance before National Society of Professional Engineers at University of Virginia (1969); appearance on "Firing Line" (William F. Buckley television series, with Ada Louise Huxtable, 1971); appearance at Bennington College discussing new towns (1973); "An Architectural Viewpoint, Concrete," before the American Society for Concrete Construction (1974); "Architectural Meaning and Architectural Function in Housing for the Elderly" (Mt. Sinai Hospital, 1979; AIA Journal article "The Lively and Versatile Lofts of New York's SoHo" (1979); New York Academy of Medicine, 1980); "Speech to Engineers" (ca. 1980)

Box 7: Folder 2 Lectures, Essays and Appearances 1982-1986

correspondence, clippings and texts, relating to: appearance at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (1982); appearance at the University of Tokyo, including correspondence with Fumihiko Maki, Kenzo Tange, Kazumasa Yamashita, Taeko Matsda (1984); "Work in Progress" lecture at Pratt Institute (1985); "Mumford and the Origins of Reston" talk at New Jersey Institute of Technology panel on Lewis Mumford, including correspondence with M. Christine Boyer and Tony Schumann (1985); "The City as Historic Document" talk at International University Foundation converence at Tulane University (1986); lecture given in Shanghai on firm's planning work and traditional Chinese cities (1986); address to Interiors Committee of the New York City chapter of the American Institute of Architects (NYC/AIA) (1986)

Box 7: Folder 3 Lectures, Essays and Appearances 1990-1997

correspondence, clippings and texts, relating to: "Disneyland and the Death of Cities" lecture given at Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul (ca. 1992); lecture on firm's projects at City College School of Architecture, New York (1996); "The Making of the National Capital Center: Dodoma, Tanzania," talk given at International Planning History Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece (1996); essay "SoHo, Or The Way Cities Will Be: The City of the Post-Industrial Future" (1996-1997)

Box 7: Folder 4 Lectures, Essays and Appearances 1998-2002 and undated

correspondence, clippings and texts, relating to: "Against Type: The Metropolis Re-Configured" talk at Pratt Institute (1998); "A Retrospective: The Architecture and Planning of James Rossant" talk given at the American University in Beirut (1998); retrospective lecture in Beijing (1999); "Works, The Architecture and Planning of James Rossant" talk given at the National University of Singapore (1999); International Competition for Liusha Peninsula in Nanning, Guangxi, China (ca. 2001-2002); "Against Type," lecture at the Cooper Union, New York (2002); "James Rossant: 'Theory and Work'" (n.d.); "Concerning Architecture and Urban Design" (n.d.); talk organized around three propositions on the city (n.d.); talk on firm's work and theme of architecture as art and the city as gallery (n.d.); photocopy of lecture slides with notes and overlays (n.d.)

Box 7: Folder 5 Miscellaneous Event Invitations and Programs 1983-1987

invitations and programs for events not apparently involving any presentation by James Rossant, including: China's New Business and Investment Conference, London, UK (1983); Total Energy: China's Total Energy Exposition and Conference, Guangzhou, China (1984); Le Corbusier; 5 Projects exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, New York (1987); American Planning Association National Planning Conference, Whitney Museum, New York (1987)

Oversize 2 AIA Membership Certificate 1962

certification of James Rossant's membership in the American Institute of Architects